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Topic: Film Reviews 2024
Posted by: Susan Kelly
Date/Time: 01/01/24 14:49:00

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Film Reviews 202401/01/24 14:49:00 Susan Kelly
   Priscilla01/01/24 14:52:00 Susan Kelly
      Poor Things14/01/24 16:33:00 Susan Kelly
         Re:Poor Things16/01/24 09:30:00 Adam Kimmel
            One Life.18/01/24 11:22:00 Keith Iddon
               Re:One Life.24/01/24 14:25:00 Susan Kelly
   The End We Start From20/01/24 13:59:00 Susan Kelly
   The Holdovers21/01/24 17:07:00 Susan Kelly
      Re:The Holdovers03/02/24 16:58:00 Joe Conneely
   Accidentally Wes Anderson25/01/24 12:28:00 Susan Kelly
   All of us Strangers28/01/24 16:06:00 Susan Kelly
      "The Zone of Interest"03/02/24 18:36:00 Joe Conneely
         Re:"The Zone of Interest"05/02/24 16:15:00 Susan Kelly
            Re:Re:"The Zone of Interest"27/02/24 19:01:00 Alastair Banton
      Re:All of us Strangers27/03/24 22:47:00 Sara Nathan
   American Fiction06/02/24 15:29:00 Susan Kelly
      Re:American Fiction06/02/24 17:07:00 Joe Conneely
         Re:Re:American Fiction11/02/24 23:05:00 Norman Redfern
            Re:Re:Re:American Fiction27/02/24 18:38:00 Alastair Banton
   The Taste of Things18/02/24 16:19:00 Susan Kelly
      Re:The Taste of Things18/02/24 18:44:00 Joe Conneely
         Re:Re:The Taste of Things19/02/24 08:36:00 Susan Kelly
   The Promised Land20/02/24 18:00:00 Susan Kelly
   Wicked Little Letters23/02/24 23:18:00 Sara Nathan
      Re:Wicked Little Letters27/02/24 17:07:00 Susan Kelly
   Perfect Days25/02/24 15:25:00 Susan Kelly
      Re:Perfect Days25/02/24 17:31:00 Susan Kelly
         Re:Re:Perfect Days27/02/24 18:33:00 Alastair Banton
            Re:Re:Re:Perfect Days27/03/24 22:42:00 Sara Nathan
   Drive-Away Dolls16/03/24 15:54:00 Susan Kelly
   Monster19/03/24 17:09:00 Susan Kelly
      Re:Monster27/03/24 22:44:00 Sara Nathan
         Re:Re:Monster28/03/24 09:52:00 Susan Kelly
   Baltimore27/03/24 19:17:00 Susan Kelly
   The Beautiful Game27/03/24 22:37:00 Sara Nathan
   The Origin of Evil30/03/24 09:02:00 Norman Redfern
      Re:The Origin of Evil31/03/24 14:49:00 Susan Kelly
   Mothers' Instinct30/03/24 16:33:00 Susan Kelly
   The Trouble With Jessica07/04/24 13:01:00 Susan Kelly
   Io Capitano09/04/24 16:25:00 Susan Kelly
   Evil Does Not Exist11/04/24 14:38:00 Susan Kelly
      Re:Evil Does Not Exist11/04/24 15:26:00 Chris Hurley
   The Teacher's Lounge13/04/24 16:45:00 Susan Kelly
   Civil War17/04/24 19:54:00 Susan Kelly
      Re:Civil War08/05/24 17:33:00 Alastair Banton
   Back to Black20/04/24 22:48:00 Sara Nathan
   Sometimes I Think About Dying21/04/24 14:32:00 Susan Kelly
   In the Land of Saints & Sinners27/04/24 21:11:00 Susan Kelly
      Re:In the Land of Saints & Sinners01/05/24 23:37:00 Joe Conneely
   Challengers28/04/24 14:19:00 Susan Kelly
      Re:Challengers01/05/24 22:20:00 Sara Nathan
   Kidnapped (Italian mostly, some Hebrew & Latin. Subtitled)29/04/24 13:41:00 Sara Nathan
      Re:Kidnapped (Italian mostly, some Hebrew & Latin. Subtitled)30/04/24 19:01:00 Susan Kelly
         Re:Re:Kidnapped (Italian mostly, some Hebrew & Latin. Subtitled)01/05/24 23:42:00 Joe Conneely
   The Idea of You29/04/24 23:24:00 Sara Nathan
      "There's still tomorrow" (C'e ancora domani"01/05/24 23:27:00 Joe Conneely
         Re:"There's still tomorrow" (C'e ancora domani"04/05/24 14:56:00 Susan Kelly
      Re:The Idea of You02/05/24 17:37:00 Susan Kelly
   The Fall Guy06/05/24 21:55:00 Sara Nathan
      Re:The Fall Guy07/05/24 15:37:00 Susan Kelly
         "Love Lies Bleeding"08/05/24 19:14:00 Joe Conneely
            Re:"Love Lies Bleeding"18/05/24 15:37:00 Susan Kelly
   La Chimera14/05/24 15:10:00 Susan Kelly
      Re:La Chimera (mostly Italian with subtitles)15/05/24 23:30:00 Sara Nathan
         "Catching Fire : The Story of Anita Pallenberg"19/05/24 13:37:00 Joe Conneely
   Young Woman and the sea03/06/24 23:33:00 Sara Nathan
   Hit Man10/06/24 13:55:00 Sara Nathan
      Re:Hit Man14/06/24 10:14:00 Susan Kelly

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