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Posted by: Robert John Anderson
Date/Time: 21/05/14 14:24:00

The car park has been sold, so Tory claims that they can halt the Oaks are completely hollow. There is absolutely no point voting Tory because of this planning decision - which had to be approved because it met planning rules, a fact confirmed by the way it was waved through by the London mayor and the government. Acton Central's Labour councillors - who were not in favour of this private sector project -  are determined to hold the Oaks developer to its pledges and to make sure the second phase of the project is more satisfactory than the first.

Vote on the big issues tomorrow - Labour's strong record in maintaining council services in the face of Tory cuts - and ignore Tory claims that they would have blocked it if they were in power, something their record in Ealing shows to be pure mischief-making. They didn't block such schemes in the past, they can't block the Oaks now, and they wouldn't block such schemes in the future if we are foolish enough to elect them tomorrow.

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