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Posted by: Richard Grange
Date/Time: 21/05/14 14:01:00

Last night we had Labour councillors round arguing rather absurdly that the Oaks was the Tories fault (sort-of)  on the basis that Boris hadnt opposed it.

They then tried to the claim that because  the sale of the car park has gone through there was nothing anyone could do about it any more so we all might as well vote Labour.

The actual position appears to be more subtle

The Judicial Review now appears a serious prospect with proper grounds to believe the decision could be overturned - regardless of the sale of the car park

Most interestingly - a Tory council could still choose not to oppose the judicial review , thus bringing the matter swiftly to an end.

Having spoken to a number of local people informally - it is clear that people of all political persuasions are still very cross about the Oaks.

And many are ready to use their vote on this issue - even if it means  "holding their noses" when it comes to choosing a party.

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