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Topic: The Oaks: Labour Determined to sell out Acton
Posted by: Phil Taylor
Date/Time: 28/04/14 14:19:00

Julian Bell, Labour leader of Ealing Council and the man personally in charge of regeneration, insists that the Council will sell the Churchfield Road car park it owns to the Oaks developer. Without the Councilís car park the Oaks development cannot proceed.

Local Conservatives have opposed the Oaks development from the start. If the Conservatives take control of the Council in May and the car park has not been sold, we will stop the sale until a better development is proposed for the Oaks.

All the Labour councillors on the Planning Committee supported it, including East Acton councillor Kate Crawford. All the Conservative councillors voted against it on good planning grounds. The council can stop this scheme today by refusing to sell the car park. Labour is letting down Acton.

We want to see development of the Oaks that is sympathetic to its surroundings and is supported by Acton residents. The only chance of stopping Labourís crazy scheme is to vote for a Conservative council on 22nd May.

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