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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Dog kills cat
Posted by: Paul Higham
Date/Time: 07/11/12 11:30:00

Perhaps as Jaz's 'owner', I could throw some oil on what appears to be becoming increasingly troubled waters.

It has never been, and will never be, our intention to draw out this sad event any longer than needs be. And, for the record, we hold no malicious thoughts against the owners of the dog or their family and friends.

We certainly don't want them to be ostracised or feel uncomfortable about walking their dog in the neighborhood - and I made a point of this when talking to the editor about the article posted on the home page of this site. We are hardly likely to welcome the dog into our home, but we are not seeking to do it - or them - any harm either.

We are dog lovers ourselves, and both Rosie and I grew up surrounded by dogs and cats. Rosie's family in Ireland have three dogs and two cats at the moment, and have in the past had up to six dogs. So we do know about dogs - and cats - and what they do normally, and can do in extreme situations.

People have been amazingly kind and supportive, and I'm sure that if any of their comments seem disproportionately severe, they are based on their emotional reaction to this incident rather than a reflection of any long-term character traits.

As a family, we too have had more than our share of cancer over the last two-and-a-half years, so can empathise acutely with the stresses and emotional upheaval that that awful thing brings. So we apologise if, by posting on this site, we had added to their pain. That was never our intention.

And although I remain firm in my views about the lack of owners' legal responsibility for the behaviour of their dogs, perhaps now it's time to let this particular post rest.

We are coming to terms with Jaz's death and absence, and are moving on. As we must. And, whilst hopefully all learning lessons from this sad affair, I'd like to think that everyone else concerned can do the same. 


Just for the record, and in answer to Melinda's question, the trailing 'lead' that was still around the dog's neck (and by which it was caught and again controlled), was described as a 'piece of ribbon' by the first person on the scene. If that description was incorrect, I apologise - it was probably me who first described it thus.

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