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Topic: Re:Re:Dog kills cat
Posted by: Paul Higham
Date/Time: 24/10/12 14:46:00

Thank you Dee for your kind words.

I suspect in reality the dog probably IS gentle and friendly with humans - and possibly with other dogs - but just has a serious issue with cats.

And, yes, the incident was reported to the police by the very kind passing dog-walker who witnessed the incident and then, with the help of a friend, 'captured' the dog in question and returned it to its owners.

My next door neighbour and our builder then went the extra mile and put Jaz gently into one of our green boxes and called the RSPCA. They couldn't help of course but it, once again, highlights how kind people can be in diversity.

The owners were so distraught themselves and were brave enough to knock on our door to talk to us (we might have reacted very differently after all), that to take 'police action' seems only to exacerbate an already upsetting and traumatic situation.

And the reason the dog was tethered? Because the daughter was picking up Mum from hospital after post-cancer treatment. So you see, they have problems enough of their own...

But I do take your point about the police - I guess they should ascertain if this dog is actually a bit of a loose cannon or not.

It's ironic in the extreme that a fatal attack like this can happen to a cat with little or no publicity or consequence, and yet had the same thing happened - even much less viciously - to a child (or even an adult), the incident would make front-page news...

Which is quite right and proper, of course. But ironic all the same.

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