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Topic: Disappointment statement from the Post Office
Posted by: Maire Lowe
Date/Time: 26/06/22 13:33:00

Acton Post Office ( 22 June 2022)
Acton Post Office closed in 2018 due to local redevelopment plans. Over the past years,
Post Office has visited the area and advertised for a new postmaster with premises, but no
applications were received.
Post Office is aware that since Acton Post Office closed, the majority of its customers have
been using other nearby branches. There are three nearby Post Offices providing a full
range of services within a mile of the centre of Acton - at Horn Lane, The Vale and Ealing
In addition, last year Post Office opened a new Drop & Collect branch at 271 Acton Lane.
Drop & Collect provides customers with convenient return or collection of their online
shopping as well as access to Payzone bill payment services. Post Office has been trialling
this new service to respond to the increasing customer demand in the online prepaid parcels
market and the response to date has been very positive.
There are also plans to open Acton Banking Hub which will provide full banking services
plus bill payments services at the counter. Post Office is contracted by UK Finance to
operate the Banking Hub which will also provide customers with access to meet community
bankers on selected days.
It is important to note, as UK Finance have previously explained, Banking Hubs and Post
Offices are separate propositions. However, some Post Office services will be available at
the Banking Hub counter and we anticipate that customers in Acton will use the Hub for
paying bills and accessing cash and banking services.
Post Office is pleased to be introducing further access to Post Office services in Acton, to
complement the existing Post Offices in the area. In the current, challenging economic
climate, Post Office must ensure that its funding from Government prioritises sustainable
services in locations where there is unmet need. Therefore, Post Office has no immediate
plans to replace the Acton Post Office that closed in 2018.
Post Office will continue to monitor customer demand in Acton, including the usage of the
Drop & Collect branch on Acton Lane, plus the banking and bill payment services that will
be provided by the Banking Hub later this year. Should there be changes that lead to new,
unmet demand, Post Office will review provision and adjust its plans as required.

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