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Topic: Re:Re:Re:It was not me Nicola..
Posted by: Anna Heath
Date/Time: 23/09/12 21:34:00

Firstly 'defamation'...court.  You said something about guns and shooting vermin  which was pretty disturbing. I think the police would also find your comments disturbing. As for it being taken out of context- if you didn't mean to call them vermin then why use the word at all? think being killed in the Holocaust is a kind of competition for 'most perscuted'?!!! Perhaps the reason more Jews were killed was because there were more Jews around than Gypsies?!

Secondly...selling young girls into prostitution. Well, a chinese take away I went to a few times was trafficking underage girls. Apparently the house next to me was once found to be full of underage African girls used as sex slaves.
Sexual exploitation happens the world over. Women and girls are sexually exploited the world over. It is not unique to Romania. That is an issue of women's oppression, male violence and poverty v capitalism. 
I look at these people with a feeling of sadness, compassion, tolerance and curiosity. I don't give them money. I plan to go to Romania next year to stay with a friends family. She said there was a Gypsy camp nearby- we are both Anthropology students. Another friend of mine went to Moldova where he persuaded a Romani Band to let him live with them and teach him to play the sax like they do, he's now doing a PhD in Romani performance practice.It's not all rose petals and fluff- there are always huge problems that need dealing with, but there;s nothing wrong with not being an arse.
Here is nice film
And here is a sad Greek Gypsy song in Spanish sung by a Jewish woman. 

Have you noticed how when you type the word Romani spell checker says it's wrong? An Anthropologist I know said this was an old racist way of demeaning someone. They don't even get a capital letter. It's ingrained into our freaking computers.

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