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Topic: Pricey Bromyard House
Posted by: George Knox
Date/Time: 16/02/11 21:02:00

Leasehold Valuation Tribunal adjudicate on the reasonableness of service charges, but you need an experienced Housing solicitor, and agreement for the Residents Association to share the cost of the legals. As you can see from this website

you are dealing with some complex laws as well as having to do a lot of information gathering.

When you have nothing better to do you could trawl through the Tribunal cases in this website

and you would get some idea of what information to gather for your case.

You will still need a lawyer but if the facts are presented extremely competently and articulately then you may save on fees which must be pre-negotiated.

£4250 sounds quite reasonable to me if your neighbour had a cricket pitch sized flat.

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