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Posted by: Roy Gillett
Date/Time: 29/07/10 22:56:00

It's not rocket science to BBQ properly

Firstly, DON'T use starter fluids. Use a starter chimney; if you haven't got one, use one of those bag things. If you must use lighter fuel or a bag, WAIT until the starter has completely burned off and the coals are covered in white ash--in the dark they may glow a bit. 20 minutes or so. Another good reason for using a chimney is that it takes a lot less time to get ready.

Secondly DON'T put the grill right down near the coals. Most grills I know have a number of cooking positions. I almost never use the lowest; that's where you cook you want a steak "bleu" (which I never do). It's perfectly possible to cook food through properly on the middle or top position

One tip. If you're doing chicken bits, blatt them in the microwave for a couple of minutes first to get the insides started then crisp them up on the grill.

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