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Topic: Final Court Notice
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Posted by: Jill Osborne
Date/Time: 04/02/10 16:09:00

I moved into my rental flat in Rosemont Rd on Friday and on Sunday a Final Court Notice was put through the main front door to the "occupier" re non-payment of energy bills. (Nice welcome! :)

I presume that one person owns all 6 flats in my building as the name on the notice is the name of my landlord (but letter was addressed to the building as a whole).

There's a stack of post in the communal corrider, loads to the landlord (who I don't think lives there) including previous debt notices from the energy company.

Naturally I am a bit worried about this as the notice says they will be going to Ealing Court to obtain a Right of Entry notice, and failing that will turn off the supply.

My flat (and presumably the others) has a pre-payment coin meter for gas & electricity. So I wonder if the owner has been collecting the money but not paying the bills.

I've called the estate agent who manages my flat but have little faith that they will do anything (I've had enough trouble getting the shower fixed). I've asked them to contact the owner and forwarded them the letter. I rang Southern Electric who wouldn't tell me much as my name isn't on the account.

Is there anything else I could do to ensure the supply isn't cut off? The other tenants seem to have been letting the notices pile up in blissful ignorance (maybe I should have done the same...)

Thanks for any advice,

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