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Posted by: Fred Lesser
Date/Time: 09/11/09 18:56:00

We have just lost our black and white house cat called 'Puss'.  She went missing from 24A Goldsmith Road at around lunchtime today (Monday 9th November).

She is small,  has a white belly, legs and paws, and looks just like the 'felix' cat.  She also has a silver (flea) collar on.

She is friendly but may be very shy because she is not used to going outside, and she will be lost!!

Please call either 02083544285 (flat), 07850008963, 07944850716, 07809772983 or 07899756824, or email  if anyone has any information on her whereabouts.


Fred, Aurie, Sean & Di
24A, Goldsmith Road,
W3 6PX

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