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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Fix My Street website/app
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 28/01/15 15:14:00

I have found a very useful website.  There is also a which may be useful to people - you may find other people who are having the same problem or same ideas.

I wish more traders could be encouraged to look after the pavements outside their shops.  It won't do their businesses any good if their customers or prospective customers trip and fall. It is a very easy system to use and the map makes it easy to pinpoint the problem.

I have reported dislodged kerbstones, tilting and rocking paving stones, broken manhole covers etc that I have encountered on my travels from place to place.  I have found the Council good in dealing with these.

I like the way that there is a follow up and I like the way that if there is a problem you can see whether anyone else has reported it and when it was reported etc.

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