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Topic: Re:Green boxes for recycling
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 06/08/14 09:29:00

If you do ONE THING to recycle - separate out and recycle your food waste - it makes such a lot of difference to everything else left in your bin especially in this summer heat.

You may even find out what you waste most of and then be able to save money by buying or storing something a little differently and save yourself some money in the process. The major change I made was in buying and storing bread. 
Ironically it is the elderly who could probably show younger generations more than a thing or two about food management.

This website is very useful:

Perhaps you could help a neighbour by ordering a green box and/or lockable food waste bin for them?  Sharing a green box?  Or even sharing a food waste bin - now that is a bit of a challenge.  I wonder who'd do that?

Sharing newspapers or a roll of compostable liners (seedling logo/BS EN 13234) should be easy.  Compostable liners are cheapest bought online.  They are particularly useful if you are going to be going away and don't have a neighbour to put your food waste out for you or won't be around to rinse out your bin (all you need to do if you line it with newspaper or compostable liner).

You can use what you like as a small caddy on a worktop if you want to.  It just needs a lid to keep flies out.
You can get posh expensive ceramic ones or cheap plastic ones.  I've used an old ceramic biscuit barrel.

Ealing freecycle is a good way to find things that people don't want or give things away that you don't want.


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