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Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 04/08/14 15:35:00

The mixed garden waste and food waste collections some other boroughs have means that you have a big smelly wheelie bin.  Money has been made available for a separate food waste collection.

Separating the food waste out into the food waste bin makes a great difference as it keeps the rest much cleaner and means an end to the very smelly leaky black bin bag.  In this hot weather it may be a good idea if you have very smelly waste to wrap it up extra well in newspaper or use a compostable liner (seedling logo BS EN 13234).  Also remember to keep you food waste bin out of the sun if possible.

We are supposed to be reducing our waste and separating so that it is easy to use as a resource.  We are aiming for a circular economy.

Those plastic milk jugs for instance are now part of a closed loop system ie they are truly recycled...  back into new plastic milk jugs.  A little rinse with water immediately will stop any residue sticking to the inside and leaning on them when dry means a lot less volume.

I am surprised at how few people squash their cans or large plastic bottles.  Or flatten their cereal packets.

Don't forget that there are street banks which are very useful when you are going on holiday and will miss a collection.  They generally are only for basic recycling but check online what is near you.

Many of us have an ordinary sized dustbin placed at the boundary of our property so that we don't have to store all our rubbish in the home.  Line it with a black bin bag and you will save a lot of space.  Tie it on dustbin day and leave the lid off (but tied to the bin so as not to disappear).  Unfortunately it is recycling that I have most of - not black bag waste! 

The less you buy and waste the less you have to throw away. Many people still do not understand what the dates written on food mean. Here is a downloadable sheet which could be laminated and stuck to a fridge door (and particularly useful for anybody going to university).

BTW the latest re eggs I've seen was that you can use them if they are past their best before date but only if cooked thoroughly.  A great excuse to bake a cake!  (For some bizarre reason eggs have a best before and not a use by date.)

So why not put your bin on a diet this summer - a challenge for the family:

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