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Topic: Asda Park Royal development in the FT
Posted by: Allan Kelly
Date/Time: 14/05/24 12:54:00

Not often Acton makes the front page of the Financial Times but it does today, full story is inside (online you need a paid account

News is Asda and Barrett want to redevelop the Park Royal site. There will still be an Asda but there will also be around 2,000 "homes". Not a lot of detail but the 2,000 seems like 1,500 full price and 500 "affordable" and there will be towers :(

They also talk of creating a new town centre. What is not clear is whether this is the same new town centre that has been talked about befpre for the North Acton area, or whether Acton will get 2 new town centres!

It is also unclear whether this is seen as part of the Old Oak development.

Would be a big change to that part of town, maybe the harbinger of more changes to come there. If they were to develop the units on Corporation Road it might join up with the Lakeside Drive devleopment which always seems a bit cut off.

Personally, except during the pandemic that Asda has always seemed too big, and not that more people have food delivered the car park always seems half empty so its probably not a surprise. But, showing my age, it still feels that Asda is new, I remember the old one being knocked down for this one. Feels like less than 10 years ago but I suspect it is closer to 20!

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