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Topic: Re:Twyford Court -- Need your support
Posted by: Peter Evans
Date/Time: 30/05/23 11:20:00

Looking at the plans, they do appear to be keeping within the existing roofline, creating a ‘mansard’ roof, of which there are many similar in the area. Whatever your objections, you might have to fall back on engaging with the developers and getting the best deal from them for your existing residents, with as many improvements and upgrades to the existing building and communal areas as you can squeeze out of them.  For example, any roof maintenance, guttering repairs and internal and external redecoration that leaseholders might be in line to pay for should now be picked up by the developers. They’ll be giving you a new roof and will find it hard to sell their new flats if the landings and stairs to get up to them are scruffy. And from now on, your service charges will be divided by five more flats so should come down, but watch out that they don’t try and charge you for work that’s really part of the new development, such as upgrading fire safety.  It’s a shame about all the bike racks, but that’s probably a ‘make the world a better place’ thing from the council.

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