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Topic: Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
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Posted by: Sara Nathan
Date/Time: 02/08/20 21:01:00

Are being introduced with, as far as I can see, NO consultation.

There is one due to happen north of Churchfield Road which looks a complete nightmare for those of us actually living there (and I thought we were supposed to benefit)

The council are re-closing the Baldwyn Gardens opening - which was re-instated and has been as far as I know wholly welcomed by residents - when Grafton Road was made one way.

Plus blocking off Goldsmith Ave/St Dunstans from Goldsmith Road.

And blocking Acacia and Cumberland also.

Which means that to take my 89 yo mum, in Bryant Court south of the park, her shopping, pick her up, whatever, I will have to drive north up Goldsmith Avenue, along Grafton, down Horn Lane, through all that traffic, past Morrisons, all the way along Acton High Street and along the Vale to Bryant Court. This is madness.

Anyone else think this is unhelpful (to put it mildly)?

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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods02/08/20 21:01:00 Sara Nathan
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                                 shopping in Churchfield road17/09/20 13:57:00 Sara Nathan
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            FINES START 7TH DECEMBER06/12/20 17:43:00 Sara Nathan
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                              ANPR enforcement starts January 25th17/01/21 20:29:00 Sara Nathan
                                 Re:ANPR enforcement starts January 25th27/01/21 23:06:00 Nicolas Ozegovic
                                    Re:Re:ANPR enforcement starts January 25th29/01/21 15:18:00 Sara Nathan
   Ambulance failing to get into LTN25 at Goldsmith Avenue12/02/21 00:01:00 Sara Nathan
      Re:Ambulance failing to get into LTN25 at Goldsmith Avenue12/02/21 13:52:00 Rosco White
         Re:Re:Ambulance failing to get into LTN25 at Goldsmith Avenue13/02/21 11:40:00 Nicolas Ozegovic
            No camera yet16/02/21 15:48:00 Sara Nathan
   Creffield Road N & S05/03/21 13:40:00 Ron Lewis
      Re:Creffield Road N & S06/03/21 15:43:00 Lewis Barnett
         Camera in Goldsmith Avenue installed today 11th March 202111/03/21 14:43:00 Sara Nathan
            Re:Camera in Goldsmith Avenue installed today 11th March 202104/05/21 08:55:00 Sara Nathan
            Re:Camera in Goldsmith Avenue installed today 11th March 202106/05/21 13:26:00 Ron Lewis
               Re:Re:Camera in Goldsmith Avenue installed today 11th March 202110/05/21 21:28:00 Sara Nathan
                  Something to do....20/05/21 12:44:00 Sara Nathan
   Re:Low Traffic Neighbourhoods09/06/21 15:51:00 Peter Savick
      Re:Re:Low Traffic Neighbourhoods13/06/21 22:38:00 Sara Nathan
         Re:Re:Re:Low Traffic Neighbourhoods29/06/21 18:06:00 Maggie Dodge
      Re:Re:Low Traffic Neighbourhoods14/07/21 17:39:00 Ron Lewis
         Re:Re:Re:Low Traffic Neighbourhoods14/07/21 22:27:00 Rosco White
            Re:Re:Re:Re:Low Traffic Neighbourhoods19/07/21 15:41:00 Maggie Dodge
               Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Low Traffic Neighbourhoods13/08/21 12:11:00 Philippa Bond
         Re:Re:Re:Low Traffic Neighbourhoods25/08/21 00:18:00 Ossian Olsén

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