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Topic: Homebase: application to raise height another 3 floors - Objections needed
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Posted by: Libby Kemp
Date/Time: 03/02/19 19:18:00

A second objection is required to halt the increase in height at Acton Homebase.

And this one we have a good chance of winning or at least achieving the objective to ensure developers meet the targets set for social housing. Ealing has 11,500 families on the housing waiting list and LBE are starting to worry, masses of new build but the wrong type, the wrong size and many standing empty whilst the housing list continues to grow. They have allowed the developers to get away with minimal social housing as it eats into their profits.

To call an addition of three storeys a minor amendment is an insult to Acton residents.
Perhaps Ealing Planning could provide their definition of a minor amendment?

There has been no extra social housing added to the scheme and remaining at 28 units of 364, takes the percentage of social housing within the scheme from 8%, to seriously below the 35% recommended in the London Plan. This development should never have been granted planning permission.

The borough has waiting times of up to eight years for small family units, this development should be providing many more social tenancies. This application should not be considered without a considerable increase in social tenancies.

As well as the 2,448,126.80 Section 106 money agreed by the Developer is the provision of a Community facility to be used by local community groups. Under the current terms it can only be used no more than twice a week, Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays for four hours at a time. What good is this to a community of 364 households? Should this further application be passed, the upping of the use of the Community Facility should also be considerably increased.

With the lack of social becoming an embarrassment to LBE, we may win using this objection. Ealing has three times more homeless than any other London borough. Objecting is always a numbers game. If another 40 or 50 more people showed they cared about the lack of social tenancies and objected, I think we may, for once, stand a chance getting this application rejected.
Ref: 185890VAR

Land is finite and this development is not a good use of this quickly disappearing resource.

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