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Posted by: Sarah Vickers
Date/Time: 06/05/14 15:33:00

I feel it's time to let you all know what is happening.
I am in the process of selling. A very slow and frustrating transaction.
However, as spotted by various people, the owners-to-be are in there making their changes.

They are indeed Macedonian. They used to have a business at the big Fuller's pub towards The Vale. It will be called Vardar (as before).
I haven't seen a menu yet, so I'm as intrigued as you are. Sounds good though.

If they do it right and don't turn it into a Macedonian club I think it will be an excellent addition to Acton (so short of decent eateries) with lots of mezze to share and such.

They are very nice people so I wish them every success and hope that you will like it.

And I'll take this opportunity of thanking those of you who supported Bombay Bistro and had the sad experience of seeing Chef loose interest and watching it go downhill. This was a great shame as, when we started, it was probably the best for miles.

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