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Topic: Ealing 2026/LDF Public Consultations
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Posted by: Siobhan Martin
Date/Time: 18/08/10 00:32:00

For information, Ealing Council has been working on a blueprint for the future of the area, called the Ealing 2026 Local Development Framework. It looks at how planning will be managed for a range of subjects that affect our everyday lives. The Council has stated that good community and stakeholder engagement provides opportunities for people to shape the place in which they live, creating better and more sustainable communities.

We are aware that the Council have plans for concentrated tower block residential development along the Uxbridge road and Western Avenue (Gypsy Corner), when we already believe that our part of the Borough is becoming overdeveloped with little or no consideration given by the Council to increasing the amount of recreational green space in the area, or the increased pressure on local amenities including doctors and school places. For example, John Perryn Primary School newly built and has no room for expansion in a period of increasing population.

A further phase of consultation will soon commence. It is important for residents to attend and express their views at one of the forthcoming meetings. The dates for local venues are:

21 September 2010 - Liz Cantell Room, Ealing Town Hall, 7pm (with Ealing Civic Society) - What will Ealing be like in 2026?

5 October 2010 - Telfer Room, Ealing Town Hall, 7pm - A New Transport Plan for Ealing

13 October 2010 - Oaktree Community Centre, Acton, 7pm A New Infrastructure Delivery Plan for Ealing

21 October 2010 - St Mary's Parish Church, The Mount, Acton, 7pm (with Acton Community Forum) - What will Acton be like in 2026?

Further information about the consultation will be published in the August and September issues of "Around Ealing" and can also be found on the planning policy pages of Ealing Council's web site. See:

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