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Topic: Maddening behaviour from Ealing council
Posted by: James M Muthana
Date/Time: 07/06/22 22:43:00

I thought you might be interested in this story about truly perverse behaviour from Ealing Council.

Our yoga studio, Yoga West, has been running a local campaign to clean up Warple Way in Acton. People sometimes flytip and leave food waste on the street. When this happens, foxes rip open the bags. It's a beautiful street with Edwardian and Victoria commercial premises, however, the refuse can turn it from looking nice to looking awful.

In response we have organised a campaign to do the following:

Put up posters to remind people not to do this

Regularly litter pick on the street

Created a group to watch out for people who do flytip and report them to Ealing.

Organised regular communication with local councillors and the envirocrime team at Ealing to stop flytipping

As a building we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and although amazingly there is still no legal obligation for commercial properties to recycle, I and the other Directors of the building agreed to engage a recycling company for curbside recycling collection. This has been in place for about 5-years.

It appears that on one of the times I personally reported flytipping to the Ealing team; one of our team forgot to attach stickers to our cardboard for curbside recycling. We have hired a number of new people as we try to grow the organisation after the pandemic. We don't really have much flattened cardboard and it appears that when they put out recycling for collection they forgot to do this.

Instead of finding the flytippers Ealing council has issued us with a PCN for forgetting our stickers even though we called them in and we are spearheading a campaign to clean up the street!

Esp. perverse when you realise how hard trading is for local businesses after the pandemic. I find this decision completely, completely incomprehensible and am frankly furious at the ridiculousness and insanity of the situation.

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