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Topic: Oliver Kinsey's wake in Acton Park
Posted by: Sara Nathan
Date/Time: 05/07/20 10:55:00

I don't know who this young man was. But he sadly died recently and was a keen skate-boarder.

His friends obviously held a wake last night and there were some moving notes, pictures and flowers clipped to one of the (now redundant) pieces of fencing.

Then they drank a vast amount from cans and bottles and left so much trash all round the skate park.

That was the downside. Along with the bins round the park which couldnt cope with summer litter NOT collected by the Council yesterday at all.

The upside was the two young men who came to help Fran and me in picking it up and the three mums who also leant a hand.

Plus the big belly bins which are FANTASTIC. The park needs more of them as conventional bins are victims of over-use, wind and foxes and are wholly impracticable if not emptied much more frequently than they currently are.

Acton Park could deploy at least six - I think there are currently two: one by the skatepark/playground, the other by the level crossing entrance. They are wonderful and solar-powered too.

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