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Topic: Lavelli - poor service
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Posted by: Zoe Archer
Date/Time: 04/08/15 22:33:00

My partner walked in, ordered and paid for a cake on Saturday from Lavelli's to be delivered on Monday. He arranged for it to be dropped off at the business next door to Lavelli's for a birthday (as he would be out of London). Both staff agreed this was fine but on Sunday night he got a call and a text saying it would cost 15 to deliver it. This is 15 on top of a 22 10 inch strawberry tart to be handed in next door. He left a voicemail and replied to the text explaining it was actually the business NEXT DOOR to Lavelli's in Acton and had been assured it was fine, but got no reply.
On Monday he called again to try and confirm it was happening but was told they were understaffed and could not deliver such an item that day. Thanks Lavelli's.

Pretty poor show considering we spend a small fortune on sandwiches and cakes for meetings with you, all you had to do was walk 4 meters and hand it in....

We won't be back.....

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