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Topic: Fix My Street website/app
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Posted by: Malcolm Pacey
Date/Time: 25/01/15 20:46:00

Hello everyone

Can I please encourage you all, if you're not already, to use the website and the accompanying app to report environmental issues to Ealing? I hate to say it, but I find myself on there weekly. I have targeted areas around our street which are 'hotspots' for fly-tipping, and whilst it's not completely stopped, it has slowed a little, and Ealing even erected a penalty sign on a popular spot recently.

If Ealing is receiving lots and lots of fly-tipping reports, it might actually justify employing more environmental officers. Of course the pessimistic side of me thinks they might kill more off if they think we can do their job for them!

Rubbish in Acton really depresses me - if we all banded together to help put a stop to it, we might just achieve good things.

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